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Spa and Raft Day

A Day with the Family and a Day for YOU!

Go rafting with your family all morning and reserve the evening for yourself! Enjoy our amazing French Riviera package which includes a full body massage with Mediterranean Sea Body Mud, a steam shower with aroma therapy and a mini facial. This is 2 hours of pampering yourself!

Raft and Spa Package
60 Minute Massage

A Relaxing Massage
After Your Adventure 

Après raft massage. Enjoy our famous La Provence Massage after your adventurous raft trip! Only $65.00 for one hour! A therapeutic massage with French Lavender (or blended sports oil) utilizing appropriate pressure and aromatherapy to provide relief for sore muscles and joints, enhance circulation and lymphatic flow, help the body cleanse toxins and achieve a sense of balance and well being.